I live here

California continuously amazes me.  This morning, after dropping Mr. W at work, I drove twenty minutes into the hills and found this treasure.  

The sun was still hidden from the valley, everything was dripping with dew.  

Complete with auto flush toilets and hot water, of course.  

I am no photographer but we do own a decent camera.  For a moment, the Nikon was overshadowed by Mr. W's new iPhone.  

The ease of one touch pictures is so tempting but this morning was about trying new things.

Bright, fuzzy new grass.

Here, I'll illustrate how simplistic my photography skills are. The Before is auto for the Nikon.  The After is setting aperture as wide as it would go before the Nikon freaked out.  I didn't touch the ISO because frankly, I don't know how.  One thing at a time folks.



I walked about 2 miles through the trails before the pond was calling my name.  Ok, the ducks were so loud I had to go see what the pond was all about.

Ducky waters.

Not so ducky waters.


I still can't believe we live here.  Mr. W and I say this to each other roughly once a week.  The newness of California has not worn off 18 months later.  The skies are blue, literally every. Single. Day.  The mornings are cool and crisp. The afternoons are bright and radiant.  The evenings are chilly but calm.  

Valley clouds.

I still carry my winter coat with me every where though I hardly ever need it.  

I need to kick my Midwestern habit.
-Mrs. W

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  1. Interesting to see a reflection on your Tweety Bird Journal as a start to the rest of your life. All the best where ever it leads.