hello world

At the prompting of my husband, Mr Waytoburn, this space has been born.

I've always enjoyed writing down my thoughts. My first journal was given to me in 1994 by my mom.  It had Tweety Bird on the cover and I was going into 1st grade.  It eventually filled up and I moved onto less cartoon-covered journals.

I've felt pretty overcome by change for the last year and have struggled to write as consistently as I used to. I graduated from college in June 2011.  Mr W. and I were married in August, 2011.  We relocated to Northern California two weeks later and moved in with my Aunt.  Then, we moved into our first apartment and adopted two cats.  2012 was a year spent exploring this new state of being Californians.  Cut to November 2nd, 2012, my first day as a full-time wife/home-maker.  I was full-time, career woman no more.

I just need to breathe after reading through it all.

With each of these changes, I've sort of simply said "yes" to each one.  I didn't pour over my options. There wasn't a whole lot of back and forth discussions and I didn't teeter on the edge of decision.

I also feel like I haven't digested the past two years.  I sort of feel like I swallowed a saltine cracker whole and need to chip away at it before I choke. Which, is what this blog is for. It is also to relieve Mr W. of my cray-cray woman talk.  The poor man can only pretend to be interested in blogs, decorating, photography and all things "woman" for so long in our marriage.

Hello World,

I'll take cream in my life but hold the sugar because sugar is only sweetening what is already delicious and I hate to be wasteful, please.

Yours truly,
Mrs W

Hello World.

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