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My sister (in-law) recently had foot surgery.  I'm too squeamish to ever go into details but her foot is stuck in a large cast and I bet that's uncomfortable.  I thought she'd appreciate the cheer I could offer via surprise package.

*My sister has already received this package. I didn't want to blog about it before in case she happens to read regularly. Which, I think my dad is the only one on that list. (love you dad). 

I did what any girl does, I went to Target. I spent more than I planned but then a few things rang up on (extra) sale.  How do you say #winning.

The goods.

Everything got wrapped in snowman paper because that's how I roll ;) My rational is winter birthdays, parties, celebrations of any kind between December and March warrant Christmas wrapping. 

All wrapped up.

I numbered each of the presents and wrote a detail about why I picked it for her.

"1.) pony holders while washing your hair is a chore.  2.) face wipes to wash off cabin fever.  3.) To make baths more fun.  4.) the essentials for the day that pesky cast comes off.  5.)  something pretty for the first run on your new foot."

gift key
1.) Hair ties for pony tails that were a cinch to make.  Will do a post on these.
2.) My favorite face wipes Say Yes To brand in soothing cucumber.  They do such a good job of removing make-up, dirt and oil when I'm too tired to properly wash my face.
3.) Vanilla scented fizzy bath salt.
4.) Nail polish remover wipes, nail file, Essie polish in Smokin' Hot and A Cut Above, and man razors.  The man razors because you get more blades per razor for your buck.  Gotta pamper your toes if they've been sticking out of a cast forever.
5.) A new Champion workout tank for all the running she is looking forward to doing on her newly mended foot.

Hope you may be cheered up by something special today.
-Mrs. W

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