Today, I turn 25.

Self portrait @ 25.

In honor of 25, my husband (Mr. Dub) thought it was appropriate to bring my cell phone up to speed.  Say hello to my pretty iPhone 5, her name is Stella.  Mostly because I think she is stellar. Heh heh. I'm a goof.

Stella among the rocks.

This morning I tempted fate and switched my focus from A to M. Ie, I shot the above picture in complete manual.  Cue the chorus! Ok, it only took me a few 23 tries.  I'll spare you the other 22 horrendous shots and just give one for comparison.

Manual focus.
Mr. W is taking me out to a fancy dinner tonight.  By fancy I mean he is not wearing jeans and I am going to do my hair. How chic of us. And now, I'll sign off with more of my mug. 

Birthday morning with Stell.
-Mrs. W

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