Latte for two

The evening was August 8th. I had [lazily] wrapped a baby micro fleece for Mr W. to open before we were to head out to celebrate our 2 year marriage anniversary. We were also celebrating Mr W's amazing work recently at his job. Lots to celebrate. I believe the baby news took up all the available space in our brains and we entirely forgot the other reasons until looong into dinner.

I was dressed up [for California's standards] and eagerly awaiting for Mr W. to get home.  I had no idea he also had a surprise waiting for me. Once home and dressed for a night out, we were both left sitting on the couch. Music was playing, I think it was Matthew Kearney.  I had decided to let the non literal cat out of the bag before we left for dinner. I had this bizarre day dream of telling Mr W. in the restaurant resulting in a loud-profound I'M SORRY DID YOU SAY YOU'RE PREGNANT!?l; thus interrupting all other's dinner around us. Mr W. would probably start sweating bullets. I wasn't expecting the dreamiest of ways this could go but I certainly felt I could avoid that specific day dream. So I decided it was time, Mr W kept checking his phone in an almost nervous twitchy way and I wasn't sure how long I had before we needed to leave.  

As calmly as I could muster I turned to my husband I've got an anniversary surprise for you. He grinned and waited on the couch while I retrieved what felt like a tick tick ticking bomb I'd stashed in the closet. -I actually started shaking.- Mr W. smiled and starting opening the bag actually exclaiming Oh, I think I know what this is!. Oh you Sir, have entirely no idea. He pulled out the teeny tiny micro fleece, then [because I didn't want him to doubt whom this gift was for] the positive pregnancy test toppled out the bottom of the bag. His eyes became so big. As you can imagine, the whole look down at the pregnancy test, look back to the fleece, gaze back at me tango happened for not as long as it seemed like before he actually spoke. My husband, speechless We're are having a baby? It was both a statement and a question the way he said it. I was already crying [the hormones already a very real thing]. I smiled and said Yes, I'm pregnant and you're going to be a daddy! Although, there was a lot more sniffling and mascara-catching in person. I honestly saw both excitement and fear momentarily race across Mr W's face. I think we said the same things back and forth to each other for another 8 minutes. Only this time, Mr W was doing an excellent job of only being as joy filled, happy and encouraging any wife could ever wish for when sharing this news.

Suddenly, Mr W hopped up and stated how he had a surprise for me, only now it was serving a different purposed. He walked me outside where he had arranged a car to take us to dinner. He explained he thought it responsible to have a car pick us up because in his words he had hoped we'd get tipsy over dinner and enjoy being driven home.  Now that I would not be partaking in the festive part of the festivities, it seemed silly but still a good way to celebrate. We talked the whole drive to dinner of the baby news.

Dinner was phenomenal. We threw caution to the wind and signed on for the 12 course tasting menu. Mr W. also partaking in the 12 course wine pairing. I partook in small tastes of all things bubbly, rationing that only 2 days ago [pretest] I had downed 2 beers over pizza with friends. As the wine pairings went on, Mr W. was more easily able to express himself about the news. Both sides of excitement and [forgive the french] Holy Shit You're Pregnant! were exchanged.

Dinner, which had started at 7pm, had stretched into dessert nearly at 1130. It was the perfect way to share in the news together. Delighting in the calmness on that night that we were the only two people who knew. A secret between us [and The Lord] and well, our waiter Michael; we let him in on the secret after I made a big production of not ordering a drink. I ended dessert with the best [decaf] latte I've had in a long while. 

A latte for two.
At 1130, we were more than thankful for a car waiting to pick us up -spoiled-.
Mrs [Mama] W.

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