[Yes, I'm asking you on a] Date (No 5)

Part No. 4 left off with Mr. W calling to ask me on a date.

I believe this was on a Wednesday or Thursday. I had just gotten off work and was getting ready to leave on a run when my phone rang. This is almost word for word how it went down.
Josh Hey, are you free this Saturday? For like, a 4 hour chunk of time?
Me  Yes, I'm totally free.
Josh  Awesome! How about I pick you up around 1130? Oh and don't worry about eating lunch beforehand.
Me Okay.
Josh Great, I'm excited! I'll call when I leave my house. Bye..
Me Wait! Um, this might sound high maintenance but what should I wear? I mean, I'm a girl- we need to know these things.
Josh Oh right. Wear a bathing suit under your clothes that you wouldn't mind getting wet.
Me  Okay then, see you Saturday.
And that was how Mr. W asked me on our first date.  I actually had no clue this was, in fact a date. See, Mr. W had (up until this point) always been inviting everyone along for activities ex boating, playing cards, bbq's, movies, tennis clinics, bowling.  So when we hung up, I actually thought he was asking me to go boating on Saturday with a group.  He had invited me boating several times already so I don't know why I thought we were boating. Wouldn't he have just asked me to go boating instead of being all mysterious? This was [Clue No 1].

Saturday morning just after 1130 Josh arrived to take me on our [I didn't know it was a date] date. I hoped in his car, fully expecting to make more stops along the way to pick up other friends.  When that didn't happen [Clue No 2] I noticed we were on the highway and headed out of town.

Midland is tiny. Out of town = greater than 3 miles from the downtown strip.

I can't remember what we talked about but my memory picks up when we stopped at Subway for lunch. I ordered my "usual" veggie on wheat, pepper jack, toasted, everything but olives and jalapenos, with oil and vinegar.  Josh ordered ham on italian with monterey jack, lettuce and mayo.  I tell you all this because after 4 years of ordering Subway together, Josh now orders everything but olives, jalapenos and peppers on his ham sandwiches. Evidence I've pulled him away from his meat and potato roots; though, he still eats ham. Can't win 'em all. Josh then paid for my sandwich [Clue No 3].

He drove us to his aunt's house on the lake. I had been here before because his dad kept The Boat in their driveway during the summers. He introduced me to his Aunt Eileen.  He set up lunch for us on their back deck which overlooked the lake.  It was just the two of us for lunch [clue No 4]. Again I can't remember what we talked about and this is probably because I still didn't realize it was a date.

After lunch, Josh drove us to his parent's property. It was an empty lot with a lot (pun) of wild grass and a trail that led down to the water.  The water is actually a river that feeds the lake his aunt lives on.  It's really simple to picture but having hardly lived in Midland for a few weeks, I had no concept of this middle-of-no-where country Josh had brought me to. Josh pulled two blue kayaks [Clue No 5] out of a shed by the water and hauled them up to the car.

I know I should have picked up on all the other clues but I am terrible at dating so I missed them all. Except this one. My brain clicked. I finally got it. There would be no one else coming with us and no one would be waiting at the final destination to join us. Josh wanted to spend a whole afternoon with me. Just me. Anyone who knows him understands he prefers to invite everyone and anyone along. He deeply desires to make others feel included. However, today everyone else was being left in the dust.

With the kayaks stowed on the Jeep, we drove to the top of the Tobacco River..

To be continued.
Mrs. W

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  1. I enjoy when people are totally oblivious to when guys are making the "moves" for a date. It makes that date even more special (as long as you like the guy).