Lately [In Pictures] With Words.

After I said I would blog more often, I didn't for another 2 weeks. Isn't that life sometimes?

Well, how have I been spending my days? Perhaps eating bon bons and watching daytime soaps.  Some days [when I feel super awesome] it feels like that.  If only I knew what bon bons were actually made of and we believed [not] in paying a ridiculous amount of $$ for cable then I'm sure I'd be glued to All My Children [negative].

So here's a picture montage iPhone dump of things. It is essentially random but the last two weeks have felt pretty random.

Tazo's Passion Tea which I hoard year round until the outside temps warm enough to drink chilled tea.
So Purpley  it stains my teeth 
 I don't know what it is about California water but it makes me cringe whenever I drink it straight. There is something so very earthly about it. I haven't inspected our local water treatment plants but I wouldn't be surprised if it was entirely using organic buggies and ground up hippies. Mmmm. With my chlorinated and fluorinated Ohio water, I always knew what to expect and it was delicious.

Other things I drink to avoid straight up California water is this stinky drinky..
Organic, Raw Fermentation.  
All of the fruity flavors I've tried taste like death.  But this gingerade flavor gets along with the fizzy [almost too] vinegary drink.

And last but not least, plenty of juices and smoothies.  I really like these because I can drink them straight up. I also tried cold pressed green veg juices (which are delicious btdubs) but I have to cut it with a fruit juice. Otherwise, the all veg juices are like drinking the smell of the salad bar.
Green Machine
Kitty cuddling. At least, with the one that loves me.
Cat in my bed. Never thought I'd see the day.
My new ride. I call her Sheila with an Australian accent. It sounds more like ShiLer in my head. That's probs not PC. Anyway, she is a Specialized Vita Sport. She's last years model but the only differences was color availability.  You bet I made my choice based on color then on price. I'm a girl but I'm practical.  She has a few Sharpie accents courtesy of Moi, for identifying traits in case she gets stolen. At which point I doubt will help but at least I'm doing my part here.
Sheila, in black.
A sampling of my [not] finest graffiti.
Most days I've been showing Sheila around town and introducing her to the neighborhood. Other days I am pillaging Home Goods and rounding out our tiny home. I've been scouring for cheap pillows with cases I can wash for our couch, Blue.  I've scored some other boring  necessary housewife things like rugs, mirrors, picture frames etc from the clearance section.
[Finally] Throw pillows for Blue.
These 2 wood canvas were scored from Home Goods for $5 each.  A canvas the same size would cost roughly $10 each. So two for one :)  While I agree, Money Can't by [me] Love, it does by 2 canvas for cheap.

I sanded down the fronts and primed them up for a mini surprise for Mr. W.  It involved some special song lyrics that have been substantial in our lives.  The song even appeared during our wedding day :) I just need to get a finished photo.

Transition to food stuffs. I make a mean pizza but when I run out of dough I turn to my next carb, Bagels! Mr W. would not like these because I topped them with peppers. Not that you can tell under that cheese blanket.

Caesar salad mixing bowls. Combine organic romaine, finely grated parm, lemon juice and Marzetti's Simply Dressed Caesar.  Toss with chopsticks and consume. These chopsticks were favors from a friend's wedding.  For whatever reason, we possess 6 pairs. Thanks Jon and Kait!

All this eating happened after I cleaned out our fridge.  We eat at Mr W's place of employment most nights so our fridge was outta control with stank. I donned my bio hazard suit and went to town. Here is the finished product.
Fridge wiped down with white vinegar and lemon.
Lastly, sunshine. Lots. of. Sun. Shine. This is California after all. The cost of living dictates I'm paying for sunshine.  

That is all.
Mrs W.

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